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The Cost of Living in Richland/Gull Lake & Why Buying a Home in Richland is a Great Idea

While a dollar bill looks the same across the United States, its value is different depending on where you live. In fact, where you live and the desirability to live there determines the price of housing, grocery, health and more. These factors define a city’s cost of living. Curious what the cost of living is and why you should consider buying a home in Richland, MI? Here’s a look at the details, plus how Richland compares to Kalamazoo County:

(The cost of living is based on a U.S. average of 100.)

Overall: 104

Grocery: 90.7

Health: 89

Housing: 119

Median Home Cost: $223,200

Utilities: 101

Transportation: 113

Miscellaneous: 90

Overall: 93

Grocery: 90.7

Health: 89

Housing: 80

Median Home Cost: $150,000

Utilities: 101

Transportation: 109

Miscellaneous: 94

Michigan Cost of Living

Overall: 97

Grocery: 95.4

Health: 87

Housing: 76

Median Home Cost: $142,100

Utilities: 100

Transportation: 133

Miscellaneous: 97

With a cost of living of 104.4, Richland may seem higher…but lets look at the value of buying a home in Richland!

The Richland/Gull Lake Community is an extremely desirable area to live & buy real estate! Why do locals LOVE the community so much? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Great schools – Gull Lake ISD

  • Friendly, safe community with low crime rates

  • Primarily residential/farm community (no big businesses or industries within the Gull Lake School area)

  • Close in proximity to Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and Battle Creek!

  • Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids have been named as best places to live by!

  • Access to Gull Lake – sports, fishing, boating and more

  • Great local restaurants, coffee shops and breweries/brewpub

Looking for homes for sale in Richland or on Gull Lake! Start HERE to search for Gull Lake Schools’ homes.

Who do you know looking to make a move to the Richland/Gull Lake area? Give our team a call. We are always happy to help your family and friends locate a home

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