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Buying A Gull Lake Home | What You Need to Know About Water Rights

Is buying a home on Gull Lake a real estate goal for you this year? Waterfront homes for sale in Michigan are some of the most coveted properties on the market, and owning a home on Gull Lake means owning a slice of the highly sought-after lifestyle in SW Michigan. Not only do you have incredible views and access to a 2,000+ acre all-sports lake, but you are part of a top-rated school district, Gull Lake Community Schools, and are surrounded by nearby amenities with an easy commute to Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Gull Lake. With all of these top-notch qualities of lakefront living, what else do you need to know about owning a waterfront home?

Before buying a home on Gull Lake or any waterfront home in Michigan, learning about water rights and limitations is critical to understanding your rights as a property owner.

What Are Water Rights?

Water rights define how property owners can access and use bodies of water that border or sit on a property they own. **These rights can vary by state, region, ordinances, and local governments.

Michigan Riparian Rights

The State of Michigan defines riparian rights as those basic rights associated with owning land on an inland lake or stream. Those basics can include such things as installation of a dock anchored to the riparian land and reasonable access to and use of the water.

Gull Lake offers an incredible lifestyle in the SW Michigan area with access to top-rated schools, great restaurants, and nearby cities. If you are considering a move to the lake or buying a second home, make sure you do your homework on water rights first. Contacting your local real estate expert is the best place to start. If Gull Lake is your destination, contact Team Clancy. We can help answer any questions you have about the lake and community as well as recommend reputable resources. 269-629-4186.



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