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Buying a Home in Richland | Gull Lake School Ratings

2020 challenges are pushing many individuals and families to reassess everything from the type of job they work to where they live. According to national statistics, 35% of current buyers are looking to move to a more rural or suburban area. As Kalamazoo area residents consider buying a new home, whether they have kids in school or not, a school district’s performance impacts values. For those living in or moving to within Gull Lake Community Schools zoning, they benefit from above-average ratings compared to the entire state.

Gull Lake School District residents already enjoy the perks of living in a suburban community with lush land and quiet neighborhoods, both on and off the coveted Gull Lake, all located conveniently near Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Grand Rapids. But the cozy town can also revel in it’s access to top schooling. Gull Lake Community Schools offer a wide range of learning from elementary to high school and all the way through virtual learning and early college programs. They also consistently rank above state averages.

Performance Summary - students proficient in all subjects on state tests

Gull Lake: 60%

State Average: 42%

Graduation Rate

Gull Lake: 88%

State Average 81%

Students Enrolled In and Passing Advanced Coursework

Gull Lake: 57%

State Average: 55%

Students Who Enrolled In College After High School

Gull Lake: 75%

State Average: 67%

If Southwest Michigan, Kalamazoo Area, or Richland are an option for you or your loved ones when considering buying a home, Gull Lake Schools offer top ratings for students and help sustain home values. Buying a home in the Gull Lake area is an investment you should consider, and what better way to start than to speak with a local, experienced real estate team? Team Clancy has been living and selling in the Gull Lake for years and can help you make the right decision in real estate. 269-629-4186.



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