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Dock Maintenance Tips | Gull Lake Homes

Owning a lakefront home in Michigan means that this time of year is what you have been waiting for all winter long. Summer on Gull Lake means boat rides, fishing, tubing, sailing, or even just a quiet sit watching neighbors go by. When the warmer weather finally arrives in SW Michigan, it can be easy to overlook waterfront property maintenance, especially items like a dock. On the surface, your dock may look in great condition, and putting off any upkeep seems viable. However, cleaning and repairing now can save you valuable summertime and money in the future.

Simple Dock Maintenance Tips

Clean your dock - It’s quick and easy, and you don’t have to grab the pressure washer. For wood docks, pressure washers can chip and splinter the wood if not done correctly. Grab a hose and wash the surface and gaps while inspecting for repairs.

Sand and stain - Once you’ve cleaned the dock, a restain is a good idea. If you pressure washed, be sure to sand first, but otherwise, grab your favorite stain color and give the dock a healthy glow.

Repair any rot, rust, or foundation damage - Before your dock shows any visible and dangerous signs of damage, take time regularly to inspect for needed repairs. Look for spots of rot and rust and treat them immediately. Spots left untouched can quickly spread over the entire dock. Also, ensure your dock is on a solid foundation. A great rule to follow is that if you cannot set a dock’s posts at least four feet in the ground, it’s time to revisit the foundation.

As summer on Gull Lake heats up, it may be tempting to pass on maintenance. However, taking time now to clean and inspect your dock can save you trouble later.

If you need vendor recommendations for any project or repair work around your Gull Lake home, contact Team Clancy. We have a vast network of trusted professionals we’d be happy to connect you with. 269-629-4186.



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