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Empty Nester’s Buying Their Dream Home in Southwest Michigan

You’ve had your eye on that lake house for years, but it didn’t have enough bedrooms, didn’t fit the household budget while saving for college, or just didn’t fit your current lifestyle. When the kids move out, and your real estate priorities shift, it’s a perfect time to consider that dream home. Southwest Michigan offers a wide range of real estate lifestyles to choose from, such as downtown Kalamazoo condos or Gull Lakefront living. If you are or are soon to be, an empty nester dreaming of your next home that is all to yourself, what are the big questions you need to ask yourself?

When considering a change in lifestyle, the most important question with any real estate decision is, what is the budget? The kids may be gone, but their expenses might not be, such as helping with college tuition. If mortgage payments combined with kid-related costs is something you’re concerned with, downsizing in your next home can allow for both a move and financial stability. You probably won’t need a five-bedroom spread, so starting your search by limiting the size can help you narrow down to realistic but exciting home options.

When you’ve settled on a budget and considered the size of the home, you can start dreaming once again by imagining how your lifestyle can change. Do you want to wake up to the sun rising over Gull Lake? How about being able to walk through downtown Kalamazoo without a drive? Does being in a remote location sound peaceful? Does that dream home need to be near family? Luckily, the Greater Kalamazoo real estate market encompasses all of these options and more. Consider places such as a condo in Richland or Kalamazoo, a downtown Kalamazoo home, or a waterfront property on Gull Lake, Crooked Lake, Little Long Lake (or several others!).

Lifestyle possibilities are endless in Southwest Michigan; you simply need to dream up what you are looking for. The key to happiness is defining what you want, how you can get it, and then finding it. Team Clancy has fantastic resources to help get you there.

If you need help navigating the loan process while balancing a new budget, let us know. We have a vast network of trust professionals in the mortgage and title industry that can help.

When you are ready to search for homes, contact Team Clancy. Our experience and knowledge go a long way in helping buyers find their dream homes. 269-629-4186.



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