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Meet the Newest Team Clancy Member: Kelsey Adamski

Enjoying the beautiful views from Gull Lake on a daily basis is only part of the reason Kelsey Adamski enjoys working as a part of Team Clancy. Her admiration of Tom, Chuck, and Bill is just icing on the cake. Day in and day out, Kelsey works with clients to ensure a level of satisfaction that is unmatched by other agencies in town. She also enjoys communicating with lenders, title companies, and other agents to ensure pertinent information is reaching the right parties but, it’s her passion for making people happy that truly shines through. She takes pride in learning every aspect of a real estate transaction and is an intricate part of the team. Kelsey holds a degree in Mathematics and when she isn’t working hard for clients, she enjoys coaching the girls’ freshman basketball team, alongside her sister, at Gull Lake High School.

Full Name: Kelsey Adamski

Professional Background: Degree in Mathematics from K College and an eagerness to get involved with real estate

Day to Day: I start my day at the Bay Office, sipping on coffee looking out at the beautiful Gull Lake. I then start going through each listing and pending Team Clancy has and making sure each one is on track to reach closing. I spend most of my day communicating with lenders, title companies, and other agents; sharing all pertinent information with Tom, Chuck, Bill, and our clients when necessary.

Tom, Chuck, and Bill are frequently in and out of the office on different appointments with clients and closings. I enjoy having them in the office, talking about all the different properties they are working on, how best to navigate a transaction to closing, and Gull Lake sports.

What I love about Team Clancy: I love that I know each day of work will be filled with lots of laughs and happy clients. It is amazing to work with professionals that are truly great at their jobs and are able to share their humor and passion for real estate with everyone they work with.

Hobbies/Favorite Pastime: After playing college basketball at Kalamazoo College and graduated in 2016, I enjoy coaching my alma mater, Gull Lake, girls' freshmen basketball team with my sister. This winter will be our second season as coaches and we have enjoyed working with the girls this summer in preparation for the season to come.


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