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Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Save You Time and Money

With colder weather comes the opportunity to work on maintenance for your home. Save time and money with home repairs or maintenance issues that can be avoided with a little tender loving care.

Cleaning the Gutters

Gutters may be the last thing you think about, and clearing them out may not seem like

a lot of fun but, keeping them clear of debris that has accumulated all year can help you

avoid those costly repairs to your roof, interior, and exterior. By not keeping them clear,

you may face interior flooding or exterior damage.

Check Your Weatherstripping

Maintaining weatherstripping around your doors and windows can save a lot of utility

bills and keep the drafts at bay when those temperatures drop even more during the

winter. This is an easy DIY project as you can find rolls of weatherstripping at the local

hardware store.

Winterize Your Outside Faucets

Checking for drips in your exterior faucets is only one item to do when it comes to

preventative maintenance. Now is also the time to purchase faucet covers in case of


Change Filters to Your HVAC System

Now is the time to replace those filters that have put in the extra work during the

summer months. Replacing the filter will help ensure your furnace is ready to handle the

warming temps inside the home to help it run efficiently.

Replace Batteries in Your Smoke Detectors

Finally, replace the batteries in smoke detectors throughout the home. Cooling

temperatures can cause batteries to drain faster. With all the cooking you may be doing

during the holiday season, now is the time to replace the batteries.

For more useful tips to help you maintain your home, reach out to Team Clancy anytime. We know what it takes to be a homeowner and want to help you maintain that investment.


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