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Winter is the New Spring in 2020 Real Estate

Selling your home in Richland or the Gull Lake area is usually something you start to think about as the snow melts, and the green shows through again. Well, hang on to your snowblowers, this year, spring has sprung early in the real estate market, and buyers are heading up your sidewalk.

With a continued shortage of homes on the market and competition remaining high, buyers aren’t waiting for warmer weather to venture out on home tours. Springtime is historically the busiest time of year in real estate, but the numbers say otherwise. Research over the past five years shows the highest number of buyer searches took place in April with January lagging by a gaping 16%. Until 2019, however. The normally market-cold month took on a new life as the busiest for home-seekers in 20% of major metropolitan areas. It is an unusual and telling trend, projecting to continue into 2020. Why? Because 2020 is also expected to hit record lows in housing inventory. Buyers are changing their strategies in this highly competitive real estate market, and that includes starting their search immediately following the holidays.

What does that mean for sellers? When listing your home this year, you have a competitive edge if you are ready to list now. Agents representing buyers are already seeing an increase in their buyer client’s activities. They are ready to get started.

If selling your home in 2020 is on your resolutions list, contacting your local expert for advice and how to get started should be a priority this month. Even if you are not ready to list immediately, you and your family can prepare for this competitive market.

We always love to help our Richland, Gull Lake, and Greater Kalamazoo area neighbors. We can talk real estate any time you are ready. Call Team Clancy: 269.629.4186



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